Charge Any 3.7 V Battery Using This Cheap Battery Charging Module Board




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You must have used batteries in your projects many times , we also use lithium ion batteries and we often use this battery charging module to charge these batteries.

  • Why To Use This Module :

1.This module is very cheap ( link given below ).

2.Provides a constant charging voltage of 4.3 v.

3.It has indicators for charging :

Red-Charging and Green - Charging Done

Buy This Module For Just $0.28 Using This Link:

Onboard TP4056 lithium rechargeable management chip MINI USB on board header, you can directly connect to the computer USB port for charging the board can also be charged through (IN + and IN-) pin power supply Reserved. TEMP pin interface can be used as battery temperature detection, only when this pin available on the battery. And you need to read more about TP4056 datasheet, this temperature range is controlled by R1 and R2 resistor (R5 and R6 in this board).Input voltage: 4V-8V, output maximum charging current: 1000 mA D1 indicator light when charging, the charging indicator light to complete D2 PCB board size: 37.3 (mm) x15 (mm)You can also read more about the charging methods on the datasheet.



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