Charge Station Iphone.

Introduction: Charge Station Iphone.

Often we receive products in cardboard boxes. These boxes have a purpose to store and protect the product, but boxes have also a big impact on the environment. The ecological footprint of the boxes are a factor in the impact the whole life-cycle of the product has.

Why not recycling the box? Why not making the box into something else? And if we do so, why not making the thing we make into an attribute for, lets say, an I-pone.

In this Instructable, we learn how to make a charge station for our cellphone so you've finally a decent place to put your smartfone in. The design is folded of the rooftop of the box.

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Step 1: How to Make.

Now i'll show you how it's made.

Things you need: Telephone box from your apple, Samsung, Blackberry, i dont care.
I've taken an I-phone box. When you buy one, you get it in a nice white box. The top of the box shoves over the bottom of the box that is almost identical with the top box, but a little smaller so it fits perfectly.

For making it easy, I've made a cardboard box with the same dimensions as the I-phone box.
Don't assemble the box yet, first we're going to draw some lines on the cardboard.
These lines will be vital when cutting or folding the cardboard.

Step 2: Drawing the Lines.

As you see on the picture: We have 2 colors of lines.
The dimensions of the carboard box are: 80 x 140 x 45

  • Red line = take your scissors and cut the red line.
  • Green Line = folding

We draw the Red lines and Green lines on the cardboard as shown with the correct dimensions.
Next, we cut out a small stroke at the same height of the third green line 1 cm away from the sides.

And that's it for the drawing.

Step 3: Cutting the Red Lines

Now we start cutting the red lines.

  1. First, cut the longest red lines. Be carefull not to cut too far. This will damage the box and this will make if far more difficult to make the box.
  2. then cut the other red lines

Step 4: Folding the Green Lines

Fold the green lines.
The first green line should be folded down (same way as the sides of the box are folded), the other 2 lines in the middle should be folded up.

(As Apple would deliver this as a real package, the green lines would be prefolded so you wouldn't have to think about that anymore)

Step 5: Finishing the Charge Station

Now we just put the left side through the mill we cut out.
And finally we put in our charger and telephone.

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