Charging Stand for Mobiles Etc.




This simple charging stand handles five phones or iPads.

Step 1: Make the Cutouts

Start by getting a piece of wood in fitting size. my block is approx.25 x 10 x 3 cm (10 x 3 x 1,3 inch). The length is of course dependent on the number of cutouts.

I made the cutouts for the phones with my electric saw, where it is easy to adjust the lowest level of the saw. The width is approx. 2 cm. Sand the edges of the cutouts and of the block to your desired finish. I got my piece of wood from a tree with a brown kernel, beautiful without any further treatment.

Step 2: Cutouts for the Cables

On the underside I made cut outs for the cables. The cables are kept in place by a piece of tape. Use glue if you prefer. If I would make a new stand I would place the cutouts between the large cutouts, not centered.

Step 3: The Charger

Connect the cables (your mix of Lightning and microUSB) to a multi output charger.

Step 4: The Stand in Use

The stand is placed on the shelf above the tv, with the charger behind the tv. For a more professional look, fixate the cables between the stand and the charger (I am embarrassed by my ugly cabling, but the stand is located in my summer cottage 100 km away, so this picture will have to do).



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