Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Homemade



Introduction: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Homemade

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Since this year I had a plastic tree set up for Christmas I decided I wanted my house to smell like a real Christmas tree
I decided to make a Charlie Brown Christmas tree with the tree in my backyard that smelled like Christmas
It was very easy making this Christmas
I strung a few ornaments and you could use lights
Of course I didn't forget the red ball ornament:)

Step 1: Materials

Base or large plastic pot


Electric screwdriver

Two small pieces of plywood

Driller for making the holes

You can use practically any tree you want that smells great


Step 2: Steps

Wash your plastic pot
Cut a branch of off of a tree
Make sure it sort of leans
Sharpen the end of the branch with a knife by sliding blade outwards you
Drill a hole in the center of the plastic pot on the bottom
See if the branch fits inside the hole
Drill a hole in two of the planks of wood
Place one plank of wood inside the pot
Place the branch through the hole and plank
Place another plank through the branch for more support
Screw the plastic pot and two planks together with two screws

Step 3: Results

This was a very easy Christmas tree made just before Christmas
I made this Christmas tree for my dogs but also to make the whole house smell like white spruce

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