Charlie Chaplin Style Short Film (caught With My Security Camera)

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This was just a "lucky" opportunity to make up a short, old fashioned style, silent film. The group of people shown were out to do some snow sliding on a hill across the street from my house and in the process got the pickup stuck in snow. They took the situation in stride and even had some fun with it. I decided to record the action and after that I did a little bit of editing to produce this short film.

I probably wouldn't have made up the film if the "actors" didn't throw in the Charlie Chaplin style ladder scene (near the end of the film).

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Step 1: A Few Technical Details

I didn't do any color modifications... what you see is the look that resulted from recording on the security camera with actual lighting conditions.

My security camera is an Axis 6035-E. I recorded from the iMac screen with Quicktime player.



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