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This Instructable will show you how to liven up your bobby pins with inexpensive jewelry charms. Fun to make and a great way to accessorize.

Step 1: BoM

Bobby pins

Jewelry charms

Hot glue

Jewelry pliers

Felt -optional

Nail polish -optional

Glitter -optional

Step 2: Prep

Remove the stringing hoop from the charms. This is usually easy to accomplish with a pair of jewelry pliers, the metal isn't that strong so the piece should pop right off. You may want to use a file to smooth down the edges.

You can make your pins a little more colorful by painting them with nail polish. But as the pins will likely be in your hair, they might not be seen so it's not really necessary. Another unusual use for nail polish :)

Step 3: Without Felt

Depending on the type of charms you're using you might want to skip the felt and go straight to adhering the charm directly on the pin, particularly if the charm has a lot of holes or branches out. This also mean's you'll likely have to trim the glue after it's set.

One thing really nice about the no felt route, it's easier to pull the glue off and fix any mistakes.

Step 4: With Felt

If you want to use felt, slide a tiny piece between the legs of the pin and put a dab of glue. Glue another small piece onto the charm and then glue the two together. Trim off any excess felt.



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    1 year ago

    Looks like a fun project but the instructible feels incomplete.