Chaser Circuit Build No Microcontroller 555 Ic

Builtin circuit (not neat) but it works

Step 1: Breadboard

You will need 1-10uf capacitor, 1-1uf capacitor, 2-1.5k resistors, 1-555 ic, 1-cd4017 ic, and 10 leds of your choice oh and a 10k-100k trimpot I used a 100k and got better results

Step 2: Step 2

Connect pos of 10uf capacitor to positive of breadboard

Step 3: 3

Connect negative side of capacitor to negative of breadboard

Step 4: 4

Connect trimpot pin1 to pin7 of 555 timer with 1.5k resistors, the other resistor from that resistor to positive of breadboard

Step 5: 5

Connect pin8 to positive terminal and pin1 to negative, now add a jumper between 2 and 6, another jumper from 6 to pin2 of trimpot, pin3 of trimpot goes to the second capacitor pos side and negative to ground of breadboard

Step 6: 6

Pin4 of 555 timer goes to positive of breadboard, now to connect the cd4017 ic with pin3 of 555 to pin14 of 4017, pin16 of 4017 will go to the positive side of breadboard with pins 15 and 13 going to ground or negative of breadboard

Step 7: Almost Done!

Pin12 of 4017 is not used now on the last bit of connecting I just put one side of my jumper wires in till I got the leds in place and the order is as follows (all pins from ic go to positive or the long legs of your leds) 1-6th led, 2-2nd led, 3-1st , 4-3rd, 5-7th, 6-8th, 7-4th, 8 goes to ground or negative of breadboard, 11th - 10th, 10-5th, and 9-9th led, now just connect the ground side of leds to negative of breadboard. Done!

Step 8:

Power with a battery or power supply I used a power supply and didn't go over 5-6v but 1.5v worked and was a little dim so I would go with 3-5v min build and enjoy

Step 9:

Leave a comment if this helped ty

Step 10:

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3 years ago

great thanks


3 years ago

This is a great little circuit for a chaser or Knight Rider look!
Breadboard Electronics have also built this circuit, complete with circuit diagram, on YouTube at