Chat Program for Batch!

Introduction: Chat Program for Batch!

Alright so im an experienced batch programmer and i have made a simple program that sends messages to users!
I also want to thank shotgunshane's program for help. 
So here you go!

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Step 1: Getting the Rhythm!

I HIGHLY suggest you are a great batch programmer or most of this wont make since.

1 ) You can either download my code here or copy as we go!

2) It might get a little confusing but stay with me

Step 2: One Way Messanger.

The program sChat 1.0 is one that i have created
What it originally was done with was to send messages
on one PC also it could del the old convo's and user who joined

The was also another package that came with it 
Known as sChat Reader this was the inbox for all the output messages
that were sent.

So think of it as a input and output

Step 3: The IP

So i had trouble with ip Status but thanks to Prof.Pickle 
I think i got it down!
The iP allows you to send messages to another computer
The program tells you how to find your ip!

Step 4: Help and Exstentions

All i really want you to do is use the program 

Please feel free to comment bugs our more 
sophisticated ways to use the code

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    You said "You can either download my code here or copy as we go," I don't see a downloadable file or even any code make the program. Please, update this.


    5 years ago

    i really like the sound of this programme but there is no links to download it or any steps to show you how to write it