Chatty BB8 With Littlebits

Introduction: Chatty BB8 With Littlebits

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BB8 from Star Wars comes to life. Walk past and he will try to strike up a conversation! This instructable uses LittleBits modular electronics. A motion trigger makes a speaker bit play BB-8 sounds.

You will need:

  • Littlebits: usb power, 2 wires, motion trigger, mp3 player, split, 2 speakers, large mounting board, usb plug

  • A printer/plotter (or good drawing skills) and coloured pens
  • Craft knife
  • Tape
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Computer

Step 1: BB-8 Cut Out

Make the image of BB-8. I found an image of BB-8 online and converted it to a vector file. I converted a Roland vinyl cutter to a pen plotter, and used this to print the outline. I made mine about A3 size. Stick it to cardboard, cut it out and colour it in. Make a hole the same size as the motion trigger in the middle of the image.

Step 2: Stands

Make some triangular stands on the back of the cutout and attach this with tape to a LittleBits mounting board so BB-8 can stand up.

Step 3: Sounds

Find some mp3 files of BB-8 sounds online and store them on an SD card. Insert into the mp3 player bit. Take a look at the sound files attatched.

Step 4: LittleBits

Assemble the littlebits: usb power → wire→ motion trigger→ wire→ mp3 player→ split → 2 speakers. The motion trigger is connected with wires so it can be attached further up to the hole in the cutout. 2 speakers are attached to increase the volume of the sound effects. Select ‘next’ on the mp3 player bit so a different sound is played every time it is triggered. Check to see if the sound is loud enough! You may only need one speaker.

Step 5: Finish

Mount on the mounting board and plug into power.

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