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Introduction: Chauvet Hurricane 700 MOD

For the mobile DJ on a budget, the Chauvet Hurricane 700 is a great starter fogger for your setup. It is small and portable, puts out 1500 cfm of fog, has a wired remote, a 0.6L tank capacity and is $20 cheaper than the next model up, the Hurricane 900. But although the Hurricane 700 is cheaper, it lacks a key feature that the other more expensive Hurricane models have. A blue LED tank light so that you can monitor the amount of fog fluid in your tank in the dark.

So in this instructable, I will show you how to wire a Blue 5mm LED to your Hurricane 700 fogger and light up your fog tank!


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Step 1: Materials Needed

What you need:

1 Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine
1 Blue 5mm Super Bright LED
1 Unused Wall Charger (Rectifier) Note: the plug should read "Input: 120VAC Output 3-5VDC" If the VDC output is greater than 5V, your LED may explode.
1 3" Piece of Red Stranded Wire
1 3" Piece of Black Stranded Wire

1 Wire Stripper
1 Hot Glue Gun
1 Soldering Iron
1 Roll of Solder
1 Hammer or Dremel
1 Set of Heat Shrink
1 Wire Cutter
1 De-soldering Tool
1 Exacto Knife
1 Small Scissor
1 Screw Driver

Step 2: Dissasembling the Hurricane 700

Now that you have gathered all of the required materials, proceed by removing all 7 screws from the body of the Hurricane 700. Store these in a safe place.

After removing all the screws, unscrew the top to the fog fluid tank and gently remove the aluminum top.

Next, gently pull out the fluid tank. Note that the tank is attached to the base with double sided foam. Set the tank aside and remove any fluid so that there are no accidental spills.

Finally set the whole unit aside because we will come back to it after assembling the LED Rectifier unit.

Step 3: Assembling the LED/Rectifier Unit

Now what you want to do is take your wall plug and separate the housing which holds the rectifier. I lightly tapped the seal with a hammer and the two half's split open. If you encounter resistance or can not open the unit with a few taps, use a dremel or hand saw because you don't want to smash the PCB inside!

After removing the rectifier unit, I desoldered the prongs that go into the outlet and soldered two new wires to those terminals. Next hot glue the terminals to insure that the wires don't break off of the rectifier coil. Finally cut the long power cord to the correct length (about 1-2 inches), splice the ends, and solder on your LED. Note: the positive (+) wire coming from the wall charger should have a white stripe running down the length of it to indicate its polarity. The long leg of your LED is the positive (+) lead.

Step 4: Wiring the Rectifier

Now what you will want to do is remove the heat shrink form the two wires labeled in the pictures below. The negative wire should be soldered to the bottom lead of the fuse holder while the positive wire should be soldered to the white wire with heat shrink in the zip tied bundle.

After soldering the wires make sure that you either electrical tape or heat shrink the exposed wires because 120VAC will be passing through them and you wouldn't want a shocking surprise the next time you use your fogger.

Step 5: Attatch the Rectifier and LED

Now that the rectifier is wired to the fogger, you need to attatch it to the base plate of the unit. I hot glued mine to the corner of the tank holder and the edge of the base. After you have checked that the rectifier is solidly in place, proceed by hot gluing the led to the top of the rectifier with the lens facing the tank. Finally glue the tank back into place and plug your newly modded Hurricane 700 to test the light and the fog.

Congratulations! Now you have a modded Hurricane 700 and don't have to worry about ruining the party atmosphere by turning on the lights to check your fluid level.

For any comments or questions regarding this mod feel free to message me or post a comment below. I will post a video shortly and have another mod to show you guys later!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That is very cool! I assume that this mod would work for other foggers as well, since they're all pretty similar on the inside.