Cheap (4 GBP) LED Tent Lights




So, I’ve wanted to create a really cheap set of in tent lighting based around LEDs and stumbled upon a really easy way of doing it with purchases from a Pound shop (or 99¢ store).

Firstly, you need to buy the following…

- A set of battery powered LED Christmas / Parasol lights.
- A pack of safety pins
- A pack of small cable ties (small enough to fit through end loop of the safety pin).
- Suitable batteries, in my case 3 AAs (please buy rechargeable batteries).

All of these items can be found in your local Pound shop. Although the lights may be a little too seasonal to find all year round (Christmas and summer).

The process (it’s not complex, but this worked well for me)…

1. Make sure your batteries and lights work (you don’t want to make it then have to take it apart to return to the store).
2. Put the cable tie through the loop at the end of the safety pin and close (easier to make a loop with the cable tie then place over the LED bulb).
3. Place the loop of cable tie over the lamp and tighten round the wires (I found this was best since it didn’t shift).
4. Put in batteries (if you’ve not already).
5. When attaching to the tent, you want to attach the safety pins to the inner tent seams for strength. Oh, and put them into the seam point downwards so if they come undone they won’t fall out.

If you are successful you should have something which looks like the below image.

So get out there in the country with your tent and have some fun. My lights claimed to work for 24 hours on a set of batteries so should last well enough for getting changed for bed after the festival or similar. Enjoy!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, there are reasons to use Solar lights instead, but there are also not. For one, if you are at a music festival, a small solar panel sticking out of your tent could indicate that you have something worth stealing inside. Plus, 1 set of AA batteries is liable to last you a full festival.

    But if you're going into the wilds a bit it's probably not a bad plan to use Solar. Plus, you could even make yourself a big solar panel and charge AA batteries and USB devices!

    I'll admit a solar camping charger has been on my to-do list for ages, just not got round to it, yet.