Cheap Air Filter Prototype

Introduction: Cheap Air Filter Prototype

My group for school had a school project to do at Fremont academy of Engineering and design. The project was to come up with an idea to help a country that was poor. For example we chose Afghanistan because Afghanistan has a lot of pollution. That is why we created a air cleaner for the people in Afghanistan to live in a healthy country. :)

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Step 1: Material Needed

  1. Shoe box (size doesn't matter).
  2. Your will need a Water Cartridge this is needed to filter the water you can find for just a few dollars. Click Here
  3. A computer CPU fan
  4. Electrical Tape
  5. Duck Tape
  6. 2, 9 volt Alkaline Batteries
  7. Quarter sized breadboard
  8. Some jumper wires
  9. A hobbies knifes
  10. Parents permission if under age

Step 2: Working With the Box

  1. Tape the box shut so it doesn't open
  2. Then cut the box 2/3 of its size
  3. Measure the fan on the box and trace it on the box.
  4. Measure the filter and trace it as well.
  5. cut the filter hole out and for the fan hole you will cut it like a vent

Step 3: Install Filter and Fan

  1. You have to put the filter in the hole you made. You put it black facing out and blue side faces the inside of the box
  2. The fan is put inside where the vent holes were made. The air should be blowing out and not inside the box.

Step 4: Connecting Batteries to Fan

1. You need 2, 9 volt alkaline batteries

2. stick them together and connect them with the jumper wires to the main connection of the fan the batteries should say which side is positive and which is negative

3. make sure to use electrical tape to pass the current.

4. In the fan the black cable is the negative and the red cable is the positive charge and the white cable is nothing you can leave that alone.

5. You can use breadboard if you are experienced with it and know how to use it. if you don't know how to use it, it is not required to turn on the fan.

6. The fan should turn on if it doesn't there could be a few problem

  • cables might be not connected to battery or fan
  • Batteries don't work
  • put cables in the wrong spot
  • fan requires more batteries to work

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