Cheap Airgun Shotun BB Shell & Darts / Incl Video

Introduction: Cheap Airgun Shotun BB Shell & Darts / Incl Video

Paper, a nail or piece of wire plus some wonderglue and BBs, bam, you got a shotgun round for your

airgun...and I will also show you guys how to make simple but very sturdy airgun / blowgun darts!

And here we go...

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Step 1: Tools and Material


- Scissors

- Dremel (+ 1 to 1.5 mm drill bit)

- Wire cutter


- Clear tape

- Superglue

- Hotglue

- 2 to 4mm nails

- Small 1mm nail or piece of wire or a tack

- Regular paper

- Tubing (rolling pin for our shotgun shell, outer diameter = inner diameter of your barrel minus 2mm)

- 3 to 4mm BBs (8-12 per shell)

Step 2: The Steps


1. Fabricate a cone out of paper, as shown in the video. Roll it and attach tape strips to hold everything

in place.

2. Some hotglue on the nails head. Put the nail through the cone, tip forward (naturally)!

3. Cut the cone down til the diameter is 1mm wider than the inner diameter of your barrel.

4. Add hotglue on the inside (if needed) of the cone.

5. Add some superglue on the cone tip, where the nail is punching through to make sure

it stays right there, and we are done!

Shotgun shells:
1. Grab your rolling pin, wrap a couple mm of paper around it, then roll it over the table to coil up

the rest of the paper. The paper-strip I used was only 50mm long, so around 2 inches. Roll tightly, try to shove it down the barrel, and if it fits, unroll 10 mm, apply superglue and roll it back on.

2. Roll it over the table until it looks uniform and smooth.

3. Apply some superglue around one of the ends, to reinforce the rear (for the hole).

4. When cured, drill a hole (1 or 1.5mm, depending on your wire-piece or nail) 2-3mm aways from the end

of your shell.

5. Put in the nail/wire-piece, and cut it down until you got only 1mm lurks out of every side. Secure with hotglue (in- and outside), wait til cured.

6. Fill it up with BBs, apply some superglue to the very last of them, this will lock the others in place and

we are done again!

Step 3: Instructional Video

The video will help you getting this done. Enjoy and be careful while playing :p

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