Cheap Airsoft Frag Grenades





Introduction: Cheap Airsoft Frag Grenades

This is my first instructable, so hang tight. This grenade is obscenely dangerous, and should only be attempted by professionals or people with little-to-no attachment to their various extremities. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but this thing could easily take off a few fingers if you handle it improperly. Also, the noise is near-deafening, so watch out!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

1 Key-Chain Ring
1 Pack Strike-On-Box Matches
1 Commercial-Grade Firework
50-200 Cheap Airsoft BBs
1 Toilet-Paper Tube
Scotch Tape
Duck Tape

Step 2: Remove Striker Pads

Use the scissors to cut apart the match box and save the pads and top and bottom for later.

Step 3: Take Apart Firework

Use the scissors to carefully disassemble the firework, removing the warhead from the rocket. Cut the main fuse off the rocket, and then discard.

Step 4: Seal the Tube

Seal one end of the tube with duck tape.

Step 5:

Stuff a couple tissues or sheets of toilet paper down the tube.

Step 6:

Add about half of the BBs to the tube.

Step 7:

Bind all three fuses together with scotch tape.

Step 8:

Assemble the triggering mechanism by taping the two strikers facing each other over the clip, and looping the ring through the end.

Step 9:

Tape six matches around the fuses.

Step 10:

Put the whole explosive together. Note: This mechanism can also be employed to great effect with smoke bombs. Just substitute caramelized sugar and KNO3 for a firework and BBs.

Step 11:

Wrap the explosive loosely in tissue, and pack it in the tube on top of the BBs.

Step 12:

Fill it up almost to the top with BBs, then pack another tissue in on top for good measure.

Step 13:

Tape off the top, then decorate as you wish! Have fun fragging your friends and try not to blow off your hands! The blast radius is about 15-30m, and within 5, they will draw blood. Be careful!



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    also the blast area is about 35-40 feet and around 7-10 feet you will be bleading send a message if you want to find out how to make

    i made a similar on out of a fire cracker and stuck alot of bb,s to some air duct tape(the metal tape) and then wrapped it around the firecracker then put it in this pneumatic grenade launcher i made lit it and shot it. it wasnt all that loud but my brother had bruises all over where the bb,s hit him

    I thought u where going to light it with the matches and then throw it no rig it

    That's what I was going to do with the flint parts on the ring. Good instructacble.

    Nice job! How did you type that after your fingers were blown off?

    I do like the thought of how you ignite this, thanks for the tip, I mean its pretty much fool proof and, yet still genuinely smart. Great job!!!

    Who needs airsoft things instead use ball bearings and gunpowder for a low explosive and ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel for a slightly stronger explosive.  If you do this you probably wont have to worry about them the rest of the time.

    10 replies

    Black powder or flash powder would do you more good than gunpowder. and ammonium nitrate isn't very strong at all. Acetone peroxide would be a better substitute

     Do you know how hard it is to get your hands on pure NH4NO3? Plus, I'm sure there are plenty of more efficient methods of killing people...

    its not that hard to get Ammonium nitrate, you can get it out of instant cold packs the ones with the bubble in the middle

    You do realize that the ANFO mix requires a blasting cap (illegal without permit) and primer charge (also illegal without permit) to detonate. Otherwise you are left with just a stinky heap of slush.

    Well, I'm not encouraging you to try this (under threat of lawsuit), but it seems to be within the realm of possibility for some.

    Its actually quite easy. just open up an instant cold pack. they go for about 40 cents a pop if you buy a bunch of em. just make sure the ammonium nitrate stays water free. it will absorb it from the air if left out.

     I know that. But they take precautions to make sure it's not a viable oxidizer. Like the fertilizer.

    ummm the warhead term is only usually used on millitary spec rockets and the explosive on ur frag is like turning airsoft into a full scale war just u need real guns geezz that MONSTER is HUGE i wouldnt b suprised if it left a 4ft crater in the ground and blew a guys arm off and he lost a toe or 8, 5m it draws blood man ur insane

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    I had to get cardboard, and put it at the bottom, then tape it, otherwise it just comes out at the bottom, plus, instead of using fireworks, i made my own explosive with a few chemicals so i knew wat i was dealing with. it drew a little blood to my friend, who started to shoot me point blank, all in all a fun day:) we were covered in holes by the end of the day