Cheap Airsoft Red•Dot Sight

Step 1: Collect You Materials

ruler, scissors, electrical tape, clear string, small led light, red bead, toilet paper roll (empty)

Step 2: Start Cutting

Make about a 2 inch square with electrical tape, cut a hole in the middle.

Step 3: Start Taping

Tape all the edges of the square on the toilet paper holder.

Step 4: Keep Taping

Tape all the way around the top of toilet paper roll.

Step 5: Poke a Hole

Poke a hole big enough to put the end of your light in.

Step 6: Put You Light In

Then put your light in the hole and tape it on.

Step 7: More Taping

Tape the toilet paper roll all the way around, make sure to tape the light too.

Step 8: Poke More Holes

Poke holes on both sides of the toilet paper roll.(make one hole big enough to fit your bead in)

Step 9: Put Your Bead On

Put your bead on the clear string, keep louping it around the bead so it stays.

Step 10: Put Bead In

Put the string through the holes and make sure its center. Once you put it through tape the string on the outside down.

Step 11: Your Done

Tape the scope to your gun and your done. ENJOY



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