Cheap and Easy Airsoft Gun




About: I like to build weapons in my spare time.

It doesn't look like an airsoft gun but it shoots like one.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a bottle with a screw on cap, a balloon, and a knife.

Step 2:

Cut the top off the bottle and cut out the center of the cap with the knife.

Step 3:

Cut off the bottom of the balloon and put it around this piece.

Step 4:

Screw on the cap over the balloon.

Step 5: Shoot

Load bbs, pebbles, or anything that can fit inside the gun. Simply pull back on the balloon and shoot. I compared this to one of my airsoft guns that shoots 350 fps and this shoots the same. Im not responsible for anything you do with this gun.



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    2 years ago

    works well.Great job