Cheap Animation Table





Introduction: Cheap Animation Table

Traditional 2D animation requires some way to align one drawing over another. Animation peg bars are the standard method. This instructable is a simple (cheap) solution.

super glue,
11"x14" plexiglass sheet $2.19,
1/4" dowel pins $1.97,
12" Wooden ruler (with 1/4" holes)
a rubber band
knife / sand paper

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Step 1: Peg Bar Assembly

Center and glue ruler to the edge of plexi sheet lengthwise. The dowel pins are beveled on each end. Cut or sand one end flat. Glue the pins into the ruler's binder holes. Once its dry, the assembly is ready to use.

Step 2: Suggested Use

I use 3-hole punched college ruled paper because I had a pack of it lying around. A rubber band works alright, but you might want to use a clip to secure the pages as you draw.



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    One additional comment.  I was considering using computer paper with 3 prepunched holes in the side and no lines.

    I like this, and intend to make some animation.  I salvaged an x-ray viewer box, and was thinking of gluing the ruler and dowels to that.  It cost me six bucks at Goodwill.

    WHAT. this is a genius solution. I took one look at it and realized that it's the perfect solution for the drawing table i've always wanted!

    I didn't even think about doing that! i can finally finish up some animations at home without holding it up to a window or tv!

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    Hey, you already have plexiglass sheets! Well on your way to the next lightbox then.

    This is an excellent jig that you have made. Simple and VERY effective. I am really impressed.