Cheap Bird Feeder



Introduction: Cheap Bird Feeder

My lady wanted several bird feeders and I didn't want to shell out the $15 a piece for something that looks like it will break within a year so I decided to visit the H.D. and this is what I came up with.

Materials: (Enough for 2 feeders)

1 Dowel 5/16" diameter
1 Fluorescent light guard
1 8" piece wire

Drilled pilot holes every 2" on 90* axis
Inserted 6" piece of dowel every other hole
Elongated feeding holes with drill bit
Heated wire tip and pushed through both sides then wrapped ends together to hang

The end caps that come with the tube have holes in them so I used a piece of plastic from from a coffee can lid to seal the holes.
For the second one I cut more coffee can lid and used electrical tape to secure the ends.


Total Cost:  <$4

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