Cheap Blowgun Target

Introduction: Cheap Blowgun Target

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I got a blowgun for Christmas and I needed a target to practice my aim with.  The only problem was that I didn't want to spend money.  So this is what I came up with.

Step 1: Materials

What's Needed:
Lightbulb Box
Duct Tape
Old Books

Step 2: Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Lay out about one to two sheets of newspaper depending on the size of the box.  Crumple those pieces into balls.

Step 3: Pop the Top, Stuff It, Close It, and Tape It.

Open the top of the box and fill it with the paper.  Make sure it is not bulging to much.  You may want to add a few ripped pieces of paper in case the box is not full enough.  You might also want to tape the lid(s) on with duct tape because invisible tape will not work as well.

Step 4: Fire When You See the White of the Lightbulbs!

Find an inexpensive or expendable material that you do not mind having it possibly being hit with a dart to hold your target.  Also find an area behind the target that you do not mind damaging.  If you cannot find an area to do that with, hang a thick sheet up behind the target.

Step 5: Book It!

My box did not fall over often, but if yours does you will probably want to stop it from falling over.  You should get a few expendable books to place behind it to keep it upright.  I personally have no books I am willing to let get damged, so the ones you see in the picture are just for demonstration.

Step 6: Duct Tape Will Fix It!

I have some darts in my blowgun arsenal that are meant to stun or injure the target.  The saliva from the ammunition will weaken the integrity of the box greatly allowing the "stun" darts to penatrate the box.  To conteract this problem, I wrapped the box in duct tape.  I applied two to three layers on the front, one layer on the back, and one layer on the sides, top, and bottom as well.

Step 7: Saftey First!

Please be careful with this!  Blowgun darts can kill!  This target is not gurranteed to stop your darts!  Please be safe, sane, and serious when using this.  I am not responsible for any damages caused by the usage of this device or your device(s).
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