Cheap Bluetooth Box!

finished product!

Step 1: Find Broken Bluetooth Speaker!

My fiancée jams out way too hard on her CANZ 808 Bluetooth speaker, so obviously she blew the speaker. useless to her now! treasure for me!

Step 2: Remove Audio/Bluetooth Module From the Bottom of the Cylinder Shaped Speaker. Should Look Like This.

You can add more lithium ion batteries in parallel to increase mha, but I leave mine plugged in as the subwoofer draw a lot of amp to operate at any length of time. this is just my prototype.

Step 3: Add Speakers.

I used a salvaged sub and two old laptop speakers for the highs.

Step 4: Make a Hole for the Power Switch!

very important. you don't wanna glue in down, then have no way of turning it on! LOL!

Step 5:



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