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In the last few weeks I began to make videoblogs. I don't have a fancy camera so I use my cell phone to take the video. I chose to use my cell because I want to see what I was recording. But I end up with a lot of problems to place the cellphone in a firm position to record and every time I click to record the cellphone drop to the table. Also I want to be able to move the camera and record from several angles.

For all this reasons and more I decide to make a Cheap Cell Phone Flexible Tripod!

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Step 1: Materials

You only need three things:

  • flexible tripod
  • sugru (in my case plastiloca because i'm i mexico) and
  • tape

Step 2: 1 Step - Prepare the Phone

The first thing you need to prepare the phone is cover a line in tape. Make sure you place the sticky part facing outside. You don't want your phone all gooey. You can also use a paper strip to make this but is easier to use tape.

Step 3: 2 Step - Mixing the Sugru (plastiloca)

Here in mexico we don't have sugru so we use Plastiloca! Ajua! Is an epoxy resin that get hard when you mix two bars that came separate in a package. The plastiloca get hard even inside water. I buy the rapid effect so it get hard in only 7 minutes.

So the first step is to mix the two bars until we end up with a sky blue mass. You can wet your hands to make it easier to mix.

Step 4: Step 3 - the Base and Custom Mount

In this step you need to remove the upper part of the tripod. Every tripod I know have a removable part with a screw where you can attach and detach the camera.

Make the mount around the camera using the tripod removable part as a base. You can see in the images how you can make it.

When the plastiloca or sugru is hard but not too much remove the tripod bottom. Unscrew the base, don't pull it. because you want to save the place to screw the tripod later.

Step 5: Step 4 - Remove and Wait

The plastiloca need 5 hour to get to it maximum point of hardness. I don't know how much time sugru takes but I think is more or less the same case. So, you need to take out the phone and leave the custom mount in the side for 5 hours minimum to make sure the mount is at his maximum strength.

Step 6: Ready to Use!

Now the cheap cell phone flexible tripod is ready!

You can use the upper mount in any tripod or stand you like. All the screws in this type of tripods are the same so you can change from one to another. You can see I add a little tape in the back of mine, this is for adding a little pressure and make sure the phone doesn't slide when I take sideways video.

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4 years ago on Introduction

Nice but screwing and unscrewing wont scratch and wear the inner threads of the tripod. I have used similar techniques for headset and other repairs, but when metal comes in direct contact it scratches the surface and metal always wins in long run.

2 replies

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I actually made something like this, but you will be glad to hear that it's out of metal!


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I did not notice this problem. The plastiloca end up hard but a little like ruber in the surface. This helps to hold the screw in place but protect the mount for scratches.


4 years ago on Introduction

You just solved a few problems that have been keeping me from Vlogs and this will really improve my unboxing videos. I already have one of those tripods, now I just need some sugru!

1 reply

4 years ago on Introduction

Very nice! That's an excellent technique for making a phone mount. Thanks for sharing this!

1 reply