Cheap DIY Camelback!




Introduction: Cheap DIY Camelback!

Take it hiking! Take it to school! Take it spelunking! whatever!
This originally started from obsession with mountain dew. 2 Liters are cheap, but they cause

attention in school. Sometimes Unwanted... and thats why i created this extended straw w/ valve.

At times this can be low-key, but then again your sipping from a giant straw in class. Whatever you

thought about it is in the public, it is still a great alternative then buying an expensive Camelback. 
Total cost <$20. Can use carbonation as propellant for the liquid for ultimate lazyness! enjoy ! First Instructable.

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Step 1: Buy the Parts

 These following can be found in your local hardware store

#5 O-rings #96722
Watts -
PL-3011 (quick connect straight valve)
A-197A (I.D. Barb to FIP adapter)
A-22 ( Compression connector)
SPEB50 -1/4" tubing polyethylene (you dont have to buy 50 ft!) 
SPGE15- 3/8" Tubing Polyethylene (this is the lowest amount i could find)
2Liter Soda or any drink with a sturdy cap
Stuff you will need -
drill bit 3/8"

Step 2: Preparing the Parts and Cap Preperation

 I don't know about everyones preference but these parts are TOTALLY NOT STERILE. Who knows what could be on them. So i just threw everything into a metal bowl and poured boiling water over them and mixed it around. Then...
1. drill hole in cap
2. place O-ring on bottem thread of compression part (confused? refer to pricture)
3. take of the compression bits off of the threading (picture moment)
4. Tighten with wrench
5. Flip Cap over and place O-ring over threading
6. Screw on the barb
7.tighten both sides together with Two wrenches! (very important to get it tight)
8. The cap is Done

Step 3: Preparing Tubing and Joining With Cap.

This will require the tubing nand the compression part that was removed.
Pictures should be in order of the steps

1. Measure out amount of larger tubing (this goes inside the bottle) see picture
2. slide the large tubing over the Barb (barb is the on the inside of the cap)
3. Cut desired amount of smaller tubing
4. Take compression part (previously removed from Cap part)
5. take apart the narrow part
6. Slide narrow part into the smaller tubing with flared part outside, PUSH in fully
7. Slide other part of compression part onto the other end of the tubing (cavity with threading in first)
8. Push fully over till you over the end of the narrow bit within the tubing
9. screw on smaller tubing fixture onto the other end of the cap.
10. Tighten the compression bit and cap TIGHTLY
11. Screw on to bottle
12. Done with Main Assembly

Step 4: Attaching Valve and Mouth Peice

 The Watts Quick connect technology is seriously a time saver. to attach the rest simply follow the following.
1.take the end of the valve and insert the other end of the smaller tubing into it
2. cut a small piece of smaller tubing and place on other side of valve ( mouth peice)

Step 5: Information,Variations, and Possible Improvements.

 My First Prototype was intended to be a soda dispenser that help preserved carbonation since the soda would not be greatly agitated as the alreadyReleased carbonation propels the liquid out the tube. Having the bottle upside down definetly has its pros like how gravity naturally brings the liquid to the tube. But if the cap was accidentally unscrewed, you could have a messy situation. I have been thinking about adding a air pump to the cap fixture to create pressure that would propel the liquid. But then this whole project might be a bit larger. But it's Great on its own already! ENJOY!

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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 5

    If you are into paintball and already have a paintball tank, add a duster cap to the tank and you will be able to repressurize with CO2.

    I use this for a cheap way of making carbonated water, but it should fit your bill as well. Just remember that one little squeeze can release a whole LOT of gas. And too much gas + plastic bottle can equal lots of fun. Or embarrassment. Depending on the environment.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i just stick some aquarium tubing in a bottle and sip away


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That actually is possibly dangerous since aquarium tubing is usually made of vinyl or other plastics that are not food grade.
    That is why i use this type of tubing which is rated to go for liquids that will be digested.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutely! if you opened the valve slightly and cut a air intake hole in a 2L bottle it would turn into a slow drip system!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    this is cool. i think it could have a lot of other applications aside from a drinking container. plant/animal waterier maybe ?