Cheap DIY CFL Grow Light




Introduction: Cheap DIY CFL Grow Light

Parts List

Online shows about the same type of parts are available at both stores, but Instore my be different. My Lowes did not have the light socket splitter at the store even though they show it online. This is what I used adjust as necessary.

* Lowes
- 2X Cooper Wiring Devices 3-Way 660-Watt White Hard-Wired Cleat = $2.99/ea = $5.98
 Item #: 71110
- Portfolio 12' Clear Lamp Cord = $6.14
 Item #: 137408
*Home Depot
- 2x Leviton660-Watt Keyless Twin-Socket Lamp Holder Adapter = $2.48/ea = $4.96
 Store SKU #613964
-Master Flow6 in. x 2 ft. Round Metal Duct Pipe = $3.98
 Store SKU #458821
-23-Watt (100W) Daylight CFL Light Bulb (4-Pack) (E)* = $10.97
 Store SKU #384314

Total $32.03

Also need scrap wood and screws.
Also need a way to attach the light to a support.



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    Don't actually show how to do it just show it done and list of parts.

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    I did not do full instructions because I thought that it would be easy enough for someone to copy.