Cheap Desktop Wood Led Lamp




Simple 220/110v Cheap Destkrop Lamp

30 minutes to making it.

Step 1: Materials

  1. 2x 20cm two by four wood 2/3 USD
  2. Led Lamp 220/110v AC 3 USD
  3. Two pair 1.5mm electrical cable 3-4 meter 2 USD
  4. Cable to wall socket 1 USD
  5. One way switch 1 USD
  6. Spiral Hose 5 USD
  7. 4 wood screws
  8. Epoxy glue for attach led lamp to hose

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is simple;

  1. Test the led lamp, if its working
  2. Cut center of wood to make half lap joint and glue together
  3. Find center of the wood joing and drill 15mm hole and attach hose foot.
  4. Attach cable to bottom of the wood to hose top
  5. Remove the hose head and remove all parts inside.
  6. Drill black hose cap and attach led aluminum case with epoxy glue.
  7. Connect wires to led lamp and close black hose cap
  8. Attach the switch and plug to cable and done.
  9. If lamp is not working check the cable and connections.

Step 3: Final



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