Cheap Drumstick Tape and Drum Gloves




Introduction: Cheap Drumstick Tape and Drum Gloves

About: Metal Drummer, reseacher and inventor of drummer solutions!

Hello, my name is Marcos Thor, I talk From Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, I'm a Metal Drummer, researcher and inventor of cheap and functional solutions for drummers.

This time I'll show some cheap tricks to mantain the drumsticks in your hands!

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Step 1: Bill of Materials

Ok! Go get the materials!

* Penknife or Knife
* Cheap Lighter
* Rubber Self Fusing Electric Tape

* Cotton Work Gloves with Rubber Dots
+ Drumsticks

Step 2: Cheap Drumsticks Grip Tape: Start Taping!

Now we'll start to taping the drumsticks!

1 - Take the Rubber Self Fusing Electric Tape and remove the plastic protector about 20 cm.

2- Start taping in the BUTT of drumstick and stop in the beginning of the SHAFT, pulling, streching and holding.

3 - In the end, pass veryquickly the lighter.

Step 3: Cheap Cotton Work Gloves!

Drum Gloves are a excellent alternative to the drummers with sweaty hands, they protect the hands to the hurts and maintain the drumsticks in your hands.

This is a cheap and very functional alternative: Cotton Work Gloves with Rubber Dots!

I prefer the black color because it's more discreet.

Using these gloves you'll have a grip with more trust!

Let's Play!

Step 4: The End...

Ok friends! I hope you enjoy the tricks and use them for the music evolution! Stay true!

Photos: Fernanda Hmz

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