Cheap Easy Blowgun Darts

Introduction: Cheap Easy Blowgun Darts

these darts are cheap accurate and easy to make. instead of buying factory darts

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Step 1: Materials

You will need
1.Small nail
2.Duct tape

Step 2: The Cone

Take two three inch strips of tape and stick them sticky side to sticky side in a cross. Then fold down three of the tabs like shown in the photos above. Then fold the square corner to corner then fold the last tab over to seal the cone

Step 3: Insert Nail

Cut a small portion of the cone off of the front to make a small hole for the nail to be put through. then tape the nail to hold it in place. then push the cone into the barrel of your blowgun to make an indentation on the cone than cut off the access.

Step 4: Shoot

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