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Introduction: Cheap Easy Halloween Decor

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I love Halloween, but who has money to spend on decor. This my idea for cheap modern easy decoration.
What you will need:
1. foamballs found at any dollar store
2. Candy - I used candy corn but you can use anything. The gumballs with one eye look cool
3. Plastic spider
4. Glue Gun
Step 1. Glue gun candy to ball.
Step 2. Glue a couple spiders where every you want.

I used a black Christmas tree this year and used these as my main ornaments.



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    I like this cause I never eat the corn and get it during the holiday, so now I can make things from it THANKS!

    You could make this edible I think, by using donut holes and corn syrup as the "glue"! (I may have been thinking about this too much. . . )

    So cute, clever, and easy. I still have time to make a few!