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Hello Instructables! Or is it Instructableonians? Oh well...

I've been a long time cruiser of Instructables, just never had anything I felt crafty or clever enough to post an Instructable about. I mean it's really hard to compete with a DIY 3D Printer made out of a pigeons nest and some spare gum wrappers. Anything I do or know how to do has been covered three times over. I never even checked but I'm sure this very project has been done before. If not, cool.

It's a very simple and very cheap DIY Non-Slip mat that can applied to anything you don't want to slide around. I made one for the TV tray I use to do interwebbin' when I'm watching a movie and such. I also made some shoes for the footsies of our couch so it would quit sliding across out wood floors. Some people say to use the rolls of non-slip stuff that you use for kitchen cabinets and the like. Don't listen to them. Trust me. That stuff has about as much traction as a 500HP Camaro in two feet of snow! And it's twice as expensive as the Doormat I used.

One thing that's frequently overlooked in most shops or studios is keeping your doodads safe from falling to an untimely death. And this is something you should think about. Especially if you have a maniac 3 year old running about like his butt is on fire and is being chased by a pack of rabid coyotes. Maybe you'll have enough luck to only suffer a broken LCD screen. Maybe not? You want your awesome notebook like one of the poor mangled examples above? Why leave it up to chance over a measly $2.88??

That's right, for a whopping $2.88, you can save yourself possibly thousands in doodad damage or unsightly wood floor gouges. I bought my mat at Walmart. Mainstays Doormat. Cheapest of the cheap.

Like I said, this is super simple. The video is straight forward. Minimal supplies. 1 Doormat, 1 Felt Tip Marker, 1 Ninja Sword or Razor Utility Knife, Tape Measure, Abba-Zabba for a straight rule, and a pair of scissors, if you want to make additional trims.

If you're just looking to make a laptop mat, all you need is the mat, marker, and razor.

I failed to add it to the video, but I've noticed a fair temp difference in using my rMBP on the mat as opposed to using it on the regular flat surface. Don't ask me why. I know very little about thermal dynamics or heat exchange. My guess is that the knobs of the mat add a little buffer for better air circulation. Or it's just magic.

The next Instructable I do will have the full layout of pics and instructions. If you like the video please subscribe to my channel and maybe leave a comment.

Thanks for checking it out!

NOTE: Please do be careful when using a razor utility knife. If need be, make a few light passes with the razor and finish up with scissors. I'm a big guy and cutting through that mat was mildly tough. Just exercise caution.




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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. It works great. I'm actually going to use a rubber friendly epoxy and see if I can glue the knobby surface facing out on a pair of Chucks once the snow hits here. There could be another Instructable in the making!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    well there's your problem right there. get rid of that apple logo and everything should be fine! (i kid, i kid XP.) great idea tho.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    lolz. I once swore I'd never go in the box. Analog was fine for me. Then I got in the box. A $500 Walmart VAIO box that had no business being the core of a production setup. Saying I optimized that poor PC in a gross understatement.

    Got tired of the hassle. This machine is pure bliss. I saw the light!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, easy trick. Thanks for sharing this!

    If you included a couple of photos of the mat, it would help folks quickly see what you've done. Just a tip! :)

    1 reply