Cheap & Easy Tasty Egg Wrap Recipe for Quick Lunch or Dinner

This cheap & easy, delicious egg wrap recipe is a great quick & healthy lunch or dinner option especially for the summer time. It is a high protein filling vegetarian wrap that you can make within 5 min for yourself and the whole family. You can also pack it for school or work. We like to bring the wraps with us when we go out for the day and they stay good in the room temperature for less than 12 hours and no reheating is needed either.

Calorie and Macro Information for one whole wrap: 394 calories, 37 C, 22F, 5 sugar, 15 F, 27P


Ingredients: 1 10 inch low carb whole wheat mission tortilla (or other low carb tortilla u can find) 2 medium boiled eggs, chopped 20 g diced bell pepper 10 g diced green onions 20 g baby spinach 60 g Plain 0% fat Greek yogurt 1 tsp Sriracha Sauce Salt, pepper, and chili powder/paprika Side: baby carrots and sliced cucumbers or a salad of your choice


1. Mix 2 chopped boiled eggs, diced bell peppers, chopped green onions, baby spinach together.

2. Add in Greek yogurt, Sriracha sauce, salt, pepper, and chili powder/paprika. Mix very well together.

3. Heat the tortilla first then pour the mixture into the tortilla and form into a wrap.

Serve with raw veggies or eat the wrap on its own. The high fiber, and high protein content keeps you full for a while.


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