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Introduction: Cheap Effective Skylanders Storage

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My seven year old son was introduced to Skylanders last summer and has fell in love with it. Of course there are a ton of them and you have to have at least one from each "Element" to unlock certain areas. The point is they are getting expensive. You can them used on eBay for anywhere from $5 up to $50 and more. Well now he has upgraded to the Giants. So now he has the portal and about twenty figures. He is getting a lot of flack from Mommy and Daddy about putting away his stuff when he gets done playing. So, of course, now he wants a storage case. We started looking online for something but they are crazy expensive, especially given what they are. The biggest one is too expensive and the cheapest ones are too small.

Step 1: The Solution.

My wife brought home a nifty bucket to use as Easter baskets for the kids. She paid $0.99 at Wal-Mart for the bucket. I saw this and thought what a perfect solution. The Skylanders portal came with stickers and each Skylander figure comes with their own sticker. I was afraid the DIY would not go over very well, you know how picky kids can get. He loves it. We used the bucket for Easter today and he went to town decorating the bucket. Now he has a quick and easy storage device for his portal and figures. He just dumps them out on the floor. Plays the game for a while and now he can put the portal in the bottom and fill the rest with the figures. 

I have also seen similar buckets in the paint section of Lowes/Home Depot. They are a little bit more expensive there but still nothing like the pre-made and branded cases.

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    Good for most but be warned, some of them are actually pretty fragile. I have already repaired 3 tails a weapon and even a head. All damage purely cosmetic so long as the base remains intact