Cheap Elegant Table Center Piece With Matching Candle

Make a bowl centerpiece and a matching candle to go along with it. All for under 20 dollars. Looks Great.

Step 1: Get Candles

What you want to do is get tealight candles. i made them using wax and coloring/scent. mine are the brown hazle coffe scented ones below, but any tealights will do. to make a tealight get the wax and scent. melt the wax, then melt in the scent or pour in the liquid scent. then pour them into moulds and let them dry.

Step 2: Get Project Cases.

i got a big glass bowl and a small square cup unfortunatly i dont have a picture.

Step 3: Get "innards" of Your Display

i got some decorative sand and some of the glass "pebbles" and some sea shells.

Step 4: Throw It Together

if you actually threw anything then take the glass bowl, smash it untill you get very sharp pieces, and press them to your hea..... just kidding. Add the sand and the glass pebbles in the bottoms of the glass containers. add the shells and organise them untill they look nice. then slowly add water close to the brim of both. then add the candles and whalah. what you want to do is make sure the wicks of the candles float above the rim of the glass ,definatly if you got a glass container that curved in twards the opening.

Step 5: And Whalah You Have Your Centerpiece and Matching Candle

yep, thiis was my first instructable so plz comment and take loads of pics.



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    6 Discussions

    creative zen

    11 years ago on Introduction

    i just made one of these and was planning to make an instructable, guess you beat me to it. I made a circular candle by melting way and pouring it into a round glass. I also used one of those square candle holders that melt the candles that turn into oil and smell good and flipped it over. its a very cool effect

    The BeastSpawn

    12 years ago on Step 5

    Very nice. looks very good as a tablepiece. A very good instructable!


    12 years ago

    The small one is too small and crowded. The fishbowl one is pretty cool, though. I would rather just buy a 100 pack of tea candles for a buck.


    12 years ago on Step 5

    Very nice presentation! I'd worry about my cats using it as a water dish like they do the bamboo plants. I'd have a few cats without whiskers!

    1 reply

    12 years ago

    by the way, this is great for holidays, just add a small figurine in the center such as a santa clause for christmass and whala a nice touch