Cheap Foldable Workshop Stool

Introduction: Cheap Foldable Workshop Stool

i needed this stool as my legs would often get tired from long sessions of soldering and 3d modelling

and bringing in a kitchen chair was just to inconvenient and i didn't want to gout and buy would so i just used some stuff what they make furniture out of what i had lying around

Step 1: Materials

what you will need to build this cheap shop stool

5 pieces of scrap wood

6 hinges

a load of screws

Step 2:

cut your wood down 3 pieces the same height i cut mine 60cm

then if your piece for the actual seat is the right thickness skip this cut your wood down then glue it together like in the picture

Step 3: Putting Together

then screw the hinges in like in the second picture

then add 3 hinges on the other side of one of these boards then add the third piece of wood.

for ease of use i added a smaller hinge to keep the seat in place refer to picture 3

then your done throw a lick of paint on it



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