Cheap Food Mixing Robot

About: I love to ski and bike. I also like to make stuff.

I'm 14 and ever since I was little I wanted to make a robot to mix my batter or risotto or whatever. I actually spent nothing for this project I just used parts an things I had lying around.

Step 1: The Motor System

I used the motor from a robot called the "Smart Robot" which was a ball that spun around. I took the motor, gears, battery holder, wires and switch from it and wired it like it had been. I housed it in an Altoid's tin because I had a bunch lying around.

Step 2: The Spoon and Mixing Mechanism

I cut out a circle and rectangle out of cardboard and covering them in duct tape to give it a sleek look. Then I made a hole in the center of the circle and both ends of the rectangle. I put a cylinder of cardboard on one end of the circle and slid the rectangle on through one of its holes. Then I slip on a spoon in the other hole in the cardboard and taped it on. I weighted each side of the circle with various items to make it balanced: a battery, a Chapstick container, and the weight from the robot. I put the motor's gear through the hole in the center of the circle and voila!!! A mixing robot

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