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Introduction: Cheap Headphone Hook

About: Hi, I am an electronical engineer from the northern coast of Colombia, I like doing things with my hands just for the pleasure to do it. you know when the inspiration comes do not let it go.

Hi, this is my entry for the 3rd Epilog Challenge contest if I win the machine will use it first to cut the necessary parts to build my CNC and then will use it for my robotics projects and other plans that are still in draft form.

Originally this was an experiment to see if he could bend acrylic with an alternative tool.
I know there are several ways to heat and bend acrylic with different tools which do not possess, but that did not stop me as an important part of engineering and that's why they pay us is to devise a solution to a problem with what we have in disposal.

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Step 1: Material & Tool

the tools and materials for this project are just two the only material used was an acrylic rectangular strip with a length of the desired size of the hook to determine that we must consider where and how much is placed on the curve you want to use where and headphones are placed on the back of jancho to be half as much and finally hook the tool to bend the acrylic that in this case was a hair flat iron that i found a friend when she bought better and it seemed a good opportunity to experiment with it.

Tip: To help shape it is recommended to use a pin or a thin cylinder of wood to shape When folding the acrylic

Step 2: Heating the Material

For this step place the section you want to bend acrylic strip between the plates of the plate and wait for the acrylic is heated and becomes malleable to obtain faster results you should wait until the iron is hot in my case iron did not have the option to set the temperature at which if used to heat the acrylic is poor and that function should determine which temperature works best.

It is advisable to wear gloves that are resistant to heat because to test if the material was already in the state to handle the bend with your hand and if there is no protection gual can burn and is recommended when handling the acrylic when bends.

Step 3: Bending

When the material is ductile, it is must be to place it on a rigid surface and with the help of a clip or cylinder or the wood we fold it and wait a moment for the material to cool and return to its rigid state.

Finally repeat the previous step and this as often as needed to obtain the desired shape.

Step 4: Conclusion

Hair flat iron as a tool to bend the acrylic performed well yet because of the limited area and shape this tool has limitations in size and shape of the piece of acrylic, it only works well if the piece can be placed between the plates of the plate and if you can reach the place because the tool is quite large and this limits it.

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