Cheap IKEA Raspberry Pi Computer

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Intro: Cheap IKEA Raspberry Pi Computer

For Christmas we decide to "upgrade" the computer of our daughter with the Rpi V3.

We bought the RPi at Pimoroni:, a nice shop with a great support.

The Idea came from my wife as we had at the kitchen a tablet stand from IKEA (model Rimforsa), as we where inspired by the Kano design

Fro the screen I bougth a LCD screen in DealExtreme, with the HDMI connector.

For the sound I used a cheap speaker, but at home, the Rpi is mainly connected to a bluetoth speakers.

The concept is quite simple, a big cut for the screen, and them hiding the Pi and the electronics behind the screen.

My daugther is playing with the Kano OS

Step 1: Assembly the Frame.

First step is to test the electronics.

The, cut the stand to the dimensions of the screen.

Later, with the cutoff of the front I prepared the stands for the electronics:with countersunk screw, then this stand is glued on position behind the screen. I didn´t want to see the bolts from the back of the stand, that´s why I went with this solution.

I attached with hot glue the screen control buttons in the rear opening of the Rimforsa

Finally, the installation of the screen with hot-glue

Step 2: Cabling the Computer.

The good point of the screen is that it works at 5 volts, so I took the power directly from the RPi conectors, in particular from pin 4 (5V) and 6 (GND), with a simple cable.

Also a HDMI small cable. I recently bougth a smaller one (20cm) as I was on a hurry to have the computer ready for Christmas.

Connecting these two cables and the power from a reliable 2A power supply, the job is done.



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    It looks good :)