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Introduction: Cheap Ipod Substitute

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A really cheap way to make a device better than an ipod and with as much memory as you can carry (you could carry like 200 Gb and barely notice. Good luck finding your song though...)

This was insired by a conversation with a man on a bus.

Step 1: Buy the Equipment

The Phone

Buy it used and online. You should be able to find a good music phone on the Internet for like 5 bucks.
If you buy the phone from a store then you will probably have to get a contract and I don't like Verizon (they're too expensive).
If the phone does not, then it won't work for this application. Though most new phones do. Still, its better to be safe then sorry.

The Micro SD Card

I got a 2 Gb micro SD card and the Micro SD reader for $7 on Its very small, allowing you too carry a rediculas (I can't spell) number of them (but I only need 2 Gigs). Plus if you attach the Reader to your phone then you can carry two without any trouble at all.
Buying more than one reader is just a waste of money. One reader will read every micro SD card that you buy.

Head Phones

Unfortunately, the jack is too small for conventional headphones. I would buy these from a Verizon store to ensure that you get the right thing.
If they're being sold used, then there is most likely a problem with them. I advise against it.
MAKE SURE THEY"RE COMPATIBLE WITH THE PHONE YOU USE. I bet this will be the most expensive item to acquire. Needless to say, buying more then one would be a misuse of money (especially if one of them can't be used with your phone).

Thats It! now your ready to download, organize, and listen to your music!

Step 2: Download


Simply insert your card into the phone and format it. use google to find out how as it vairies from phone to phone.

Put it in your reader. Insert the reader to the USB port on your computer. open the file (my computer/removable disk (F:))


I would use to get your music. its free and virus free., whereas limewire is risky. Right click on the song you want and click save target as... Form there work your way through my computer and into the music folder on your SD card, save it and it'll be there. Cheak to make sure that the song is functional (play it on the site before saving)

I used to love limewire, but that was before I found skreemr. Limewire has a bigger selection, but its riskier and could kill your computer. If you use this make sure that you have good anti-virus software.

Step 3: Organization and Transport


I don't have many suggestions on this but you may find these useful. If you think of others please post a comment.

To organize all those SD cards, you may want to put a bit o' tape on there and write a number on it.

You could keep different genres on different cards to make finding music easier.


I keep my SD card in my phone or in the reader at all times, but with more than two, this would be impossibe. Once again, not many suggestions, but I'll try.

You could keep them in a tic-tac container (eat the tic-tacs first). The container is really fragile, so I advise against it.

Make your own container! Get creative and have fun with it.

Only carry two at a time. How much music does one need daily? If you leave the cards unmarked then you could just pull two random ones out of a box. That would really rendomize it.



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    or you can use skullmp3

    i've got a samsung champ duos (yes, a 2 sim phone). since i didn't use the second sim-card i just put a second micro sd in there.

    I did this with my Verizon Samsung Omnia i910. It sucked as a phone, but is a decent little media player w/ wi-fi internet. Only 16GB of space, but the price is right.

    the little 3.5mm jack was lifted off the pcb, one 'pin' ripped off the tracing from the board and i couldn't connect it, so now it's mono!

    that means that you are only listening to the right channel and missing half the song! just buy a cheap one of ebay if you are that desperate ( the sad part is, it sounds like something I might do!)

    Wouldn't it be buoyant force that floats your boat? Or is it a combination of both?

    actually bouyant force is the result of the displaced water pushing on the boat. :)

    I thought you weren't allowed to promote illegal things in instructables. Limewire is illegal, whether you like it or not so just be careful.

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    Search ebay for a 2.5 to 3.5 MM adapter. Many for $2 to $3 shipped. Got mine from overseas for the Mrs. A great way to use whatever headset you like if wired is your preference.

    I got a 16GB micro card for $40. The trick is which brand you are buying. Right beside it at the store there was a 8GB micro SD card for the exact same price as the 16GB one. Beside both of those, there was another 16GB card, but that one cost $90. The reason the one was so cheap is because it is made by the company Lexar, which in my experience, is the same quality as SD.

    And also, I prefer for my music. I have to say LimeWire sucks, once you install it, you can't get it off. I use FrostWire instead as my default torrent program. Check it out.