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Introduction: Cheap Kayak Gear Strappings

About: I'm a youth pastor in Gainesville, TX. I love to Kayak and Bike. I do alot of work upsizing pallets and am working on bringing my projects to Instructables.

This is another of my on the cheap projects. Got an old kayak that doesn't have any storage for gear? Grab your favorite waterproofs and some paracord and lets get to strapping.

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Step 1: Materials

Well lets discuss the number 1 need. A Kayak. No Kayak means nothing to strap to right?

the only other thing you should need is some rope. I chose paracord based on how it handles water. Doesn't mold or rot easily and for as small as it is it hold a ton of weight.

Step 2: To Know Knot

the two main base points are going to be at the handle holds on either end. Length is going to vary by boat but my rule of thumb is that the front mount should have enough coming out of it to reach the back of the boat. The back hold should have enough to reach to far side of the cockpit.

Start at the front and wrap the cord around the lip of either side of the cockpit. Tie it a few inches behind the lip so that you leave room in case you put a skirt on.

Go from the back and loop over the lines coming from the front. Tie a knot. This will be your main tension point between the back and the front.

The remaining cord is yours to do with as you wish. I took all 4 strands and put them as a slip knot on the two strand coming from the back. allows for me to synch down my pelican case when I take my camera equipment out.

The trick to all this is if you followed my directions and you pull everything apart just leaving the knots on the forward and aft handle points it becomes a system for mounting your Kayak to the top of a car or truck. 4 points, two controlling the front tie two controlling the back. also doubling as two on the left side and two on the right side. Perfect stabilization.

Step 3: Completion.

If you have knocked out all these steps you should have a tensioned gear mounting platform, both a with area in the front and a skinny area in the back. You also have 4 anchor ropes that are long enough if you ever have to attach you boat to a vehicle.44

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    8 years ago on Step 3

    Just a quickie reminder for those new to kayaking in general. Think over how you place any decking cords with regard to being stuck/snagged on overhanging brush if you paddle a lot of streams/creeks. Also, give some consideration to becoming entangled.

    The consideration will vary quite a lot depending on what environment you do your paddling in.

    I like to keep a knife handy on a short cord attached to my PFD in case I get tied up in something and can still reach the knife. This is handy if a paddling partner gets tied up too.

    Paracord is awesome.

    AD Kodak
    AD Kodak

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    King, very very true. cant say I have ever had the misfortune, mostly open water for me but it is a valid point. I also recommend having a knife on you for emergencies also.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent writeup. I am about to deck out my cheapo kayak for fishing so this is good information.