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Step 1:

I went to a local savers and went to there electronics section found 2 scanners and 2 printers one having a scanner on the top. I took all 4 apart and took the linear rods, all the belts, gears, and stepper motors.

Step 2: Scanner Linear Guide Belt and Motor

Step 3:

The 2 white blocks are nylon and you can find them online, i found mine at my jobs shop from parts to a electronic wall track system

Step 4:

Drill a hole of the sized rod you have through the nylon block then cut it all square to what size guide you want (recommend that you use a drill press and a speed square for precision). My mistake was making the blocks to small so it was harder to attack the aluminum angled extrusion it can be found at home depot (wider sized aluminum recommended)

Step 5:

Pre drill aluminum and nylon and use self tappers to attach nylon to aluminum adjust nylon until rod slides smoothly through.

Step 6: Another Way to Make Ur Own Track System

You can do this by going to two stores a local skateboard shop and a home depot or lowes ext. Materials Square aluminum tube (hardware, home depot) 5/16" bolts. - 5/16" washers. - home depot 5/16" nuts. - Skateboard bearings (skateshop) Please comment with any comments questions or more information needed to help make my posts better and easy to follow

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    6 years ago

    No problem and if you need nylon i found them under cast nylon plates home depot has steel rods in the hardware next too the aluminum angled extrusions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi reardon4767,

    I interested in these. I will try with my old 2 printer.
    thank for your idea.