Led Battery Bank for Cheap




Introduction: Led Battery Bank for Cheap

This is how to make a cheap rechargeable flashlight. The whole project only costs $5 and that makes this the cheapest brightest rechargeable flashlight. The led runs at 300 lumens with the capacity coming in at 3000 Mah. This means that the light will be really bright, while still having 3-4 hours of continuous use.

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Step 1: Materials

A power bank with a on off switch ($3 from dollarama $2 from ebay)

A Cob led ($2 from dollarama/ebay) (extracted last project)

Old wire

Total cost:


Step 2: Drilling the Hole

Align the hole so it is directly in front of the USB output terminals. This will make it easier to get the wires through the housing and not have the wires get crimped.

Step 3: Opening the Powerbank

This step is pretty straightforward.

Pry off the plastic sticker and you will be greeted with screws

Remove the screws and the battery compartment slides right out

Step 4: Led and Soldering

The wires are soldered to the usb output leads. Then the wire is threaded through the casing and out the other side. Bend the tips of the wires so the go into the hole a lot easier. Test wire polarity with a multi meter, then solder it to the leds. Now the led should turn on when the battery bank is activated.

This works because the voltage of the power bank drops to 4 v under load and so it is in the safe voltage for the led

Step 5: Finishing

The led is held in place with a dab of silicon rubber. This provides good thermal conductivity.

Trim the ends of the wire and you are done

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    2 years ago

    Darn! From the picture I thought this was going to be a DIY light saber...