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I ran into some photos of a rifle cleaning vise I had made years ago, and thought I'd share it. Sorry about not having all the steps, but the basic idea is here.

I was made from boards salvaged from an old water bed (2x12, I think), 1/2" pine strips, and a 10" handscrew clamp from Harbor Freight (< $10).

The most important detail about this build is how to setup the clamp:
  1. The lower handscrew of the clamp was not needed, so was removed along with it's nuts.
  2. The upper nuts, which typically pivot, were epoxied in place to keep them steady.
  3. The outer jaw was fastened to the frame with glue and a lagbolt through the hole where a nut was removed from.
  4. The inner jaw was left to move freely.
  5. The rear frame was cut, and the clamp was positioned, so the handscrew would not touch the rifle stock.
Take a look at the notes on the photos or other build considerations. :)



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    3 years ago

    Sweet! I think I'll build this but add some soft material or carpeting in the notch / clamp areas.

    xoxo Tactical

    5 years ago

    You could use this for gunsmithing work as well. Totally gunna make one now. can't believe I have never thought if this before.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    @peanut54 - unfortunately not :( I no longer have it, I only had the old pics to share. I basically just winged it as far as measurements, kinda just fitting it to the particular rifles I had.

    1 - find a dealer you trust
    2 - if its a brick and mortar FFL, go through it and look at the bore and the overall condition of the bore, if its online pay the $10-20 to get one hand select.

    Really though, the gun is pretty strong, and the Russians too decent care of them. I wouldn't worry about one blowing up. of course that's my own opinion.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    That's a pretty mosin. I'm liking the m44's more and more....
    I like the idea, but maybe add some padding on the clamps to avoid marring the guns? I doubt it's a problem with the mosin, but some other guns might be easily scratched.