Cheap Sewing and Quilting Table or Desk #2





Introduction: Cheap Sewing and Quilting Table or Desk #2

About: Hi, I am a quilting teacher and book author who lives on a budget. I love writing, sewing, quilting, teaching and playing with my pet rabbits. I have a blog at

This video is how I convert my cheap sewing and quilting table so that I can do the machine quilting on a very large quilt. In my first video I made the best sewing and quilting table that I've ever used with some pretty cheap materials (total cost about $100 with the table) and best of all it stores in a closet easily and sets up fast. Please watch both videos and let me know if I can answer any questions.

There is a detailed materials list at (

I have more sewing videos at YouTube (

My blog is at

Thank you for watching! :) Marguerita



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    This is really great! I live in a 2 BR condo with my husband and 20-yr-old son, so I had despaired of having a quilting table. But this I might be able to pull off (altho closet space is limited, they don't mind me taking over the dining table.)

    I do have a question: you mention when re-installing the vinyl that there's a piece of tape which might need replacing occasionally. I wondered what the tape was for? I don't remember anything about a piece of tape. Thanks again for sharing this fantastic idea. I am a frustrated free-motion quilter, and I am sure adequate support for the quilt will help tremendously!

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    Hi, the tape is used to secure the cut opening under the needle. You need to cut a square or rectangle around your feed dogs so that the needle and fabric can still sew. Often I have to take the old tape off and use new tape, especially if I have to pack my whole table up and roll up the vinyl :)

    Thanks so much for your comment and for giving me a chance to explain :)

    Thanks, Marguerita - Do you suppose the foam is strong enough to extend much beyond the dimensions of the table? My DR table is lovely and 7 ft long, but only 36 inches wide.

    The foam is not very strong at all unfortunately, and if it hangs off the edge of your table, it will pull up on the other side once some weight pushes down on it. I'm afraid that you'll get a see-saw effect.

    The foam is usually sold in both 24" wide and 48" wide, so perhaps you can use the 24" size?

    I am worried about your table height. The dining room table is usually way too high for comfortable sewing. If there's any way that you could use a lower table I definitely encourage it :)

    You will notice and immediate improvement in how easy it is to free motion quilt! Everyone who has made this table has said that their quilting improved drastically and immediately - go for it :) Wishing you happy, comfortable quilting, Marguerita :)

    Oh my gosh Marguerita, You are AMAZING! I found your site today when looking for a way to machine quilt a large quilt. I then found this table video. It is right up my alley to do it cheaper and better than anything you can buy. What a nice lady you are to share your knowledge in such an easy and pleasant manner. Keep those videos coming! Thanks again, Maudie

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    Fantastic! Wish I had seen this video before spending over $100 for an adjustable plastic extension. Your idea offers even more workable space than the commercial extension, can be stored almost anywhere, is light weight and even can feature the children and grandchildren. Thanks for sharing this brilliant project.

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    Hi Linda, I am so glad you like it! Thanks for your note - and yes, I move around a lot or need to change the way my small space works, so I am constantly taking it down and storing it and putting it back up again months later. My granddaughter loves seeing her photos under the vinyl, only problem is that she keeps wanting to take the pics and she can understand how the vinyl works :) She's only 2 so she'll figure it out soon. Happy sewing and quilting to you, Marguerita :)