Cheap Surround Sound System


Introduction: Cheap Surround Sound System

Have you ever looked at those extremely expensive surround sound systems, but didn't want to spend $200 or even $500 on something you could make for around $20. well here is you answer a really cheap way to make a surround sound system

Step 1:

1. Speakers (because i am not an expert on speakers you are on your own for this part. i use some speakers from my sisters old stereo it was an RS2046.)
2. some kind of tape to tape the speakers together. ( i used electrical tape but you can also use duct tape but i do not recommend using clear tape cause it isn't very strong.)
3. Soldering Iron (extremely recommended if you want your surround sound system to last.)
4. Solder
5. Wire ( if the wire already connected to your speaker dose not reach you stereo.)

Step 2: Tape Your Speakers Together

ok so now that you have your materials you want to tape the speakers together. this is kind of hard because the speakers will try and oppose each other because they have magnets in the middle. after you have taped the speakers together then you want to tape the wires together, but only up to 4 or 5 inches from the speakers. the tape will act as kind of a guide to how low you want it to hang from your ceiling. after you are done with that then you want to tye a knot into the wire so you can hang it later. now if your wire dose not reach the stereo system then you want to solder more wire onto it.

Step 3: Connecting to Your Stereo

OK as you can see i added a lot of extra wire. after you have added any extra wire then you can connect it to your stereo system where you would hook up your external speakers. i also added a video but i dont know if it will work so if you have any questions or comments please comment and i will try and get to you ASAP. THANK YOU!




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    13 Discussions

    1. stereo
    2. looks like a ball of duct tape on a wire hanging from your ceiling
    3. looks like crap, sounds like crap, it is crap.

    Why is there always someone saying where you can buy something instructed?  Missing the point of a DIY site much?  Good job man,  you could drop them in any number of enclosures that would require just a suitable found object.

    Like theRIAA says, use some boxes, Dude. Anything is better than that mess!

    Kinyo makes a really good pair of 5.1 amplified surround speakers.. got em at microcenter for like $25

    ewwwwwwwwwww that looks so ugly. could use a little work

    not understanding why they are taped facing in opposite directions? surely not good for sound quality. pretty sure this does not compare in quality in any way to any sort of commercial stereo system

    "from my sisters old stereo" Ibles is almost as funny as failblog...

    i'm pretty sure you're using those speakers in the worst possible way. If you're tight on cash, don't go around ruining speakers. You should at least encase them in some solid box.. and they're powered by... your computer? what is that like 1/2 watt?

    and my parents got me logitech z5500s for $200 on ebay. they're the best sound for the price. and they're 500 watts.

    1 reply

    Oh yea, I'm sure those sound as good as a set of 500 dollar Klipsch F-1's