Cheap Special FX Makeup

Introduction: Cheap Special FX Makeup

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In this instructable I'm going to be showing you how i made a cheap and affordable alternative to create life like, special effects cuts and burns using materials that you would have around your house!


For cuts you will need:
- Red Food Dye
- Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline
- Tooth Picks
- A syringe with water
- Plastic Bowl/Plate.

For burns you need:
- Non-toxic PVA Glue
- Pink and purple eye shadow (preferably non-metallic)
- Hair Dryer.

There are many things you can create with the "goop" (on next page) so be creative!

Lets Get Gruesome!!!

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Step 1: The Goop

Doesn't matter whether you are making a bullet wound, severed finger or toothpick through your finger, you need this basic goop to get you through!

1. Scoop out your desired quantity of petroleum jelly into your plastic bowl.
2. Add a few drops of red food colouring.
3. Mix the stuff so all the food dye is mixed in and you have a nice pinky/red paste.

Step 2: The Severed Finger

The Severed Finger

You will need the goop from previous step for this!

1. Dab a blob of blood goop onto your knuckle.
2. Smooth sides.
3. Using a toothpick, scratch out a line across you knuckle but not all the way or the fake blood will ooze out.
4. Using the syringe, water down a bit of red food dye and suck back up into syringe.
5. Squirt the "blood" into the "cut" and around for a realistic effect.

Step 3: Toothpick Through the Finger

Toothpick Through The Finger

You will need more goop for this one.

1. Put a blob of goop on you finger on either side in the same place.
2. Smooth the sides.
3. Insert half a tooth pick into booth sides.
4. Squirt "blood" onto the tooth pick and around for a cool bleeding effect.

Step 4: Burns


For this you will need the materials listed on the first page.

1. Apply a smudge of pink and purple eye shadow.
2. Apply a generous layer of PVA glue over the eye shadow.
3. Using a hair dryer, dry the glue but dont actually burn yourself!.
4. When the glue is totally dry, pick at parts of it to give a blistered effect.

If you are unable to pick the glue, you need to apply a bit more!


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