Cheap Terminator Mask




For Halloween my son wanted to be the Terminator, we searched and searched but we couldn't find a mask that worked for us.  We decided to make our own.   

All you need is:  Gorilla glue, toilet paper, a faucet base, a clear plastic mask, duct tape and paint.


Step 1: Cheap Clear Mask

 Step 1:  take your clear mask and put it on, then decide how you want your mask to fit.  In the movie only one side shows the robotic side...

Step 2: Toilet Paper Wound??

 After you cut the mask use you gorilla glue around the the edge.  While the glue is drying I added rolled strips of toilet paper (unused please!!) to the glue.  Once its dry it gives it a nice puff feel, perfect for a raised gash. 

Step 3: ROBO EYE

 For the eye I wanted that to really stand out so a bought a generic silver faucet base.  Measuring it up to my sons eye to make sure the center hole was big enough for him to see through.  I cut the eye hole in the mask a little bit bigger and used a scrap of the discarded mask as a lens for the robot eye (since the Terminators eye is red I used some translucent red paint on the scrap).   To apply the scrap lens and the faucet base to the mask I just used duet tape.   I'm sure you could be a little more creative, but with a super small budget and only hours before Halloween you use what you have!! 

Step 4: Painting the Terminator

 After the eye is in place and the gorilla glue "wound" is dry it's time to paint!!!  I just grabbed some Acrylic earth tone paint and a picture of Arnold and went to town!!  When your done, throw some blood gel and your wife's tanning powder..  And BAM!! Your Da' TERMINATOR!!!!  

Step 5: The Big GUN

 If you have a little extra time, all Terminators need a really big GUN.  PVC pipes make awesome John Connor Blasters!!!!

Well, I hope you liked our homemade  ROBO mask.  My son loved it and had tons of people go on and on about it.

Until next time.........I"LL BE BACK...... 

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    The teeth are way off but the rest is nice


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

    It's all plumbing pipes and primer. I did have a old paint respirator that I took apart. I used pieces for the end of the gun. You'll have to post your finished project so I can see it. Later!!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! Great build, not perfect (teeth were a little too white), but still excellent for a DIY, especially with no power tools!


    9 years ago on Step 2

    Try laying another flat layer over that. Smooths it out more.