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I'm currently living in Denmark and as you might know, in the winter (specially) the sun is a rarity.

When I'm working at home, I want to enjoy the sun (when it decides to show up) and the outside light. For this I had to find a way to do it with a very low budget (since I'm currently a student).

I've had these IKEA paper blinds (which are pretty cheap) for a year now and it was annoying to pull them up every time I wanted the light to come in. Also, since I live in the ground floor, all the people passing by could peak inside. So I decided to change the curtains to top down blinds - this way I could let the light/sun in and still keep my privacy.

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Step 1: What You Need (other Than the Paper Blinds)

Nylon thread (I bought mine bidding on ebay. You can use any type of line as long as it's thin and strong).



Cardboard (I used a postcard. Should be some kind of strong and thick paper)

Precision tools (I got mine from ebay but you can use whatever you have as long as they're thin so that the hole is not too big)

Step 2: Make a Hole

With the screwdriver make a hole in the curtains in the extremities or where you prefer.

I did mine in the sides not too close to the edges since these are paper curtains and they can rip.

Step 3: Pass the Line

Pass the nylon line through the holes.

You can use the screwdriver to help the line get through all the holes at once.

The final result should look like how it is in the picture.

Step 4: Stop the Thread From Falling

Cut the cardboard into small squares and make a cut on the side to the center so that the line passes there and it's stuck when you stop pulling (you'll see the result in the end)

Step 5: Adjust Your Curtain

Tape another cardboard cut in the same way as before on the window so that it holds the whole curtain and can stop the thread whenever you want.

Step 6: Voilá!

Now you can make them top down or bottom up blinds.

Enjoy! :)

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    4 years ago

    This is such a cool idea! I love making inexpensive everyday objects perform exactly how I like!

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