Cheap Tripod Phone Mount X2

Introduction: Cheap Tripod Phone Mount X2

*Warning: this is my first Instructable* (anything you think I could do better please let me know)

I Recently got a new phone that outperformed my camera for some of its uses, so I wanted to get a tripod mount that I could quickly use and would hold my Phone well in many positions. It just so happens I was able to make two mounts that work differently for less then $5.

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

I was able to get all my supplies at The home depot but I am pretty sure any hardware store carries them.

you will need:

2 - 1/4" course thread bolts (only need two for both mounts)

1- Clear can bracket. (I found this on the aisle with the bolts)

and your phone or case measurements. (Have incipio's dual pro galaxy s5 case)

Tools needed:

A lighter (anything that can heat the plastic, should be concentrated in a small area)

A pastel Pencil (something to easily mark the plastic)

Ruler or tape measure

Dremel w/ cut-off disc and grinding stones

some super glue or epoxy (I only had super glue on hand but would have preferred an epoxy)

Step 2: Breaking Down the Bracket

First we need to cut the bracket to start work on the first mount.

1. remove the sliding piece that is attached to the long backing. save this it will be used later.

2. measure out the needed sections I added a little extra to each measurement to give myself working space. For the first bracket you can use the left over side (which i did) or make sure you measure out an extra inch or so for over lap to hold the phone on.

3. mark where each section ends and then cut off the extra, try and keep this cut clean it will be the starting point of the 2nd mount.

4. make sure you marks wrap around the side, for the first mount we need these to know where we are cutting.

(if you want to slide your mount on and off without unscrewing it make sure you leave the bottom long enough to hold the plastic sliding piece)

Step 3: Starting the First Mount

* I missed a few photos here But it should be easy to understand *

the long piece of plastic has a lip or slot on one side, we will be cutting on that side for this mount. these cuts are relief cuts to bend the plastic to the shape we want.

1. Cut the lip of the bracket at your measured marks. only cut the lip till your cut is level with the bottom of the backing do not cut it all way thru, we are just making it easier to bend the plastic. Make all 3 cuts, it helps speed things up. ( Remember measure twice cut once)

2. Using the bending technique below, start with your middle bend this bend will start the wrap around your phone. your 2nd bend should be the top on closest two the middle bend. the 2nd bend will be a little more difficult, I used the edge of a drawer to make the U shape. The last bend should be the bottom cut. this will be where we mount to the tripod. (if you are making this to slide off and off your bottom should be long enough to hold the sliding bracket)

* Bending Technique *

Heat the flat side of the plastic. Do not apply too much heat too fast. Slow and steady after you warm it up use something with a 90 degree angle to bend it. go slowly reapplying heat as needed. you will likely need to apply heat 3 or 4 times before it get to the proper angle. once it is at the correct angle hold it there until its cool enough to stay in its position. ** please use caution ** The plastic and lighter will be hot **

Step 4: Finishing the First Bracket.

If all went well it should look like the first picture. and your Sliding thing should go in smoothly still.

1. take off your sliding thing, and cut the plastic tab off it. so it cleanly so we can still use it.

2. super glue your bolt to the larger part that slides in. ( i used 2 but one will work)

3. using your phone in the bent plastic mark where your phone is when pushed back against the bracket.

4. super glue the tab in place where the you marked and let dry.

5. use mount on tripod to capture nice video or family photos.

Step 5: Starting Mount Two

Mount two is a little hard and requires more detail. its simply the reverse of mount one with more cutting.

For mount two we are going to be bending towards the lips rather then away.

1. double check your marks and measurements. this mount will use cut-outs to hold the phone rather then a U bend. just make sure the sides that will go around the phone have a little extra for security, you can always remove, you cannot put back.

2. make your cuts, again dont cut into the base of it, just thru the lip. this time we will be doing two 45 degree cuts to make a v shaped notch in the lips.

3. starting with the bottom section that will mount to the tripod, heat and bend it to make a 90.

4. once your bottom is angled mark where your phone sits. using the cut-off wheel place where the notch should end. I used a sanding stone to remove the lip till the cut but you can also use plyers to snap it off. i recommend cutting into the side first. to keep your breaks clean. (this step is one of the most intensive)

5. once your phone sit snug, end the top section and use a sand stone or drum to and a slight notch to keep the phone snug. I designed this mount to work similar to the snap closure of holsters.

6. glue on your bolt.

7. use to record your podcast or take photos of your cat.

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