Cheap Umbrella Repair




Step 1: Where's the Damage ?

Several umbrella in my house broke ! Close inspection reveals that they all broke around the fold area that's totally fixable.

Supplies needed:

Hollow out paper mate pen
Utility knife
Long & skinny reamer

Step 2: Make a Brace

Like any human fractures, you need some kinda brace around the damage area. Cut off 1" of pen body, insert into one end of the broken rib, then wiggle the other end into you pen brace. Mine was a tight fit, no glue needed.

Step 3: Ream a Hole If Needed

If you have a brace wire (not sure the exact term) to the outer rib, this step is needed, else the outer rib will sag when open ...

Fold up the umbrella, see where you need the new hole & ream thru the whole thing !

Step 4: Final Connection

Take the smaller connecting wire, reshape the U hook shape to a J-shape. Insert into the new hole. Close umbrella & check for alignment.

You're back in business now !



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