Cheap Vertical Etching Tank for Printmaking




This self-made etching tank is based on the Z*Acryl Vertical Etching Tank (developed by Mark Zaffron)

This tank is an ideal alternative to the horizontal bath-style trays commonly used in the etching studio. It's design advantages are immediately apparent. As compared to a typical acid tray, this Vertical Etching Tank uses 50% less studio space, and has 95% less of the exposed area for evaporation.

Step 1: Get the Right Kind of Tank

I found that drain oil container has the perfect size for an etching tank. Small so you don't need to much liquid.
I used the Rodac RQN8070 with the size 430 mm x 310 mm x 95mm, 5 liter.

Step 2: Cut a Hole in One Side of the Container

Step 3: Make a Wooden Bracked

Step 4: Please the Tank in the Bracket

Step 5: Fill the Tank With a Etching Liquid

Happy etching.



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Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

I just put stick tape to the backside. It hangs on the sticky tape in the etchant.