Cheap Way to Scan 3D Objects

Are you not able to afford a 3D scanner?
Do you wish you can scan an image with just a phone, so you can make a 3D image out of it?
Do you want to make a duplicate of an item that you want to scan?

Then There is an awesome program called 123D that allows you to make images into 3D models!

Step 1: Take Pictures

Take 6-70 photos of your object.

I had best results when I took ~60 photos.
Every photo should be 12 degrees around the object.
Then I went up from another angle and took another 30 photos around the object.

Here are some of the sample angles I took.

Also make sure that the object is always int the center of the image so that nothing is cut out

Step 2: Upload Photos

Upload the photos to Autodesk 123D.

Drag the files into the upload box and hit submit.

Wait a few minutes while the program tries to mesh the images into a 3D model.

Download the model and save it as a obj.

Download Blender and once you open the program hit import/.obj

Go down and upload the image that 123D gives you.

UV wrap it so your model is now textured.

Go back to the 3D view to see your model.

Then you can upload the model to shapeways and print it in color.



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice tutorial. After it's textured can you just export it as an .stl and then print it at home?


    4 years ago

    Nice, I've always wanted to do this.