Cheap Wide Range Optical


Introduction: Cheap Wide Range Optical

Make a Wide Range camera with a hubcap and a webcam

Step 1: Buy a Hubcap

You must find a Combi Volkwagen Hubcap ( or any other hemispherical mirror ). look to prototype

Step 2: Safety Webcam

put your Webcam in a waterproof box .

Step 3: Make a Hole Inthe Cover

Make a hole in the cover, and close the box.

Step 4: Use It !

Put the hubcap under the webcam. Fix it on a piece of your home or in your garden ...
You'll get a cheap all sky camera .



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    3 years later , th ehow-to video

    I use it for Meteor Capture, and all other things who fly with flash light. Try with a motion capture software . JC